Sonntag, 16.00 – 17.30 Uhr | Roter Salon

Multilingual reading series of Hamburg

Hafenlesung is the only independent multilingual reading series of Hamburg. It is a platform for representation and resistance of coexisting cultural variety through literature. It brings together both poetry and prose, and joins well-known with yet to be discovered writers. Every installment features contemporary literature in at least four languages. If not available, new translations into German are commissioned, bringing together authors and translators.

Lesung auf Deutsch, Türkisch, Englisch, Ungarisch u.a. | Mehr zur Lesereihe


Autor*innen: Lubi Barre, Tomás Cohen, Franziska Füchsl, Dinçer Güçyeter, Jeremy Allan Hawkins, Orsolya Kalász

Team: Hugh James, Lubi Barre, Tomás Cohen, Nefeli Kavouras, Jonis Hartmann und Annika Dorau (nicht im Bild)
Team vor Ort: Lubi Barre, Tomás Cohen, Nefeli Kavouras, Annika Dorau

Foto: © Nico Scagliarini